Everyone in the road transport supply chain – not just the driver or operator but off-road parties included – shares the responsibility for ensuring breaches of road laws do not occur. This means that consignors, loaders, packers, schedulers, receivers, managers, and drivers must all take positive steps to prevent possible breaches of the road laws. This is the ’Chain of Responsibility.

For Timco Pty Ltd, this extends beyond just our corporate suppliers, customers and freight transport providers to include the individual workers assisting in the scheduling loading, packing and receiving of goods. It also includes individual customers and their representatives who are picking up goods from our sites.

We have a robust system of compliance around the chain of responsibility. We have developed a number of strategies and practices to protect the safety of our workers and other road users. These include:

  • Preventing Driver Fatigue: Scheduling and rest breaks, monitoring of work and driving hours, training and awareness sessions for relevant workers.
  • Ensuring Driver Health: Medicals of a standard acceptable to “Assessing Fitness to Drive” requirements, programs encouraging health & well being of our workers.
  • Prevention of Speeding: On Board Truck Computers (OBTC), scheduling, policies, procedures and ongoing education.
  • Appropriate Load Restraint: Equipment design, policy, procedures and training for our workers including advising customers on appropriate load restraint.
  • Mass and Dimension Management: Vehicle specification, vehicle specific load patterns, load sheets and containerisation and training for our workers including advising customers on mass and dimension management when loading.
  • Ongoing Vehicle Maintenance: All vehicles are inspected and maintained in-line with manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Training: Chain of Responsibility is incorporated within induction and refresher training for all relevant workers.
  • Work health and safety policies and procedures incorporated within induction and refresher training for all workers.
  • Compliance auditing: Timco Pty Ltd conducts internal audits, checks and monitoring to achieve our goal of Chain of Responsibility compliance and a safer work environment for workers, customers and the general public.

Implementation of our compliance system is a management responsibility. Ensuring a safe site and road environment for the protection of the general public, workers and other road users is a collective responsibility of all workers, customers and visitors to our sites.

For more information on the Chain of Responsibility laws National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Website.