Home Fire Safety
Protect your family with a fire safety plan.

Care for Your Lawn
Do you want to have the best lawn in your street?

Water Wise Garden
Save money and create a ‘water wise garden.

Paint the exterior of your house
Do you want to refresh the exterior of your home.

How to use timber stain and finishes
Do you want to finish of your DIY project with a stain finish.

Weed control your garden
Tired of weeds in your garden – weed control them.

Pest control your garden
Want to get rid of those pesky pests!

Interior painting
Does your home ‘in need’ of a ‘lick of paint’.

Vegetable Garden
Want to grow your own vegetables.

Citrus Trees
Want to grow your own fruit – pesticide free.

Fresh Garden Herbs
Proudly cook with freshly picked herbs from your own garden.