Gas Refill

gas-refillGoing Camping, BBQing at the River or Just Entertaining friends at home!!!! Refilling your Gas bottles are a necessity!!

Whether it’s for a campsite, cooking on a Weber or running an outdoor gas patio heater. Making sure you have a bottle gas is important!!

You need to take into account how long you will be away for and also what fittings you need to use for your appliances. Gas bottles come in a range of sizes from one kilo right up to nine kilo and a number of different sizes in between so there is bound to one for your needs. Drop into Timco Mitre 10 and refill your gas bottles today!


Did you know LPG Gas Bottles have an expiry date?

In Australia, BBQ gas bottles must be tested every ten years. It is illegal to fill a gas bottle that is past its expiry date but you are allowed to use it, past the expiry date, if it still contains gas.

The original test date is stamped into the neck ring of the BBQ gas bottle by the gas bottle manufacturer. When that test date expires the gas bottle must be re-inspected by an Australian certified test station and the neck ring re-stamped and dated.

The following is a brief summary of the re-inspection process.