We’re proud to offer while you wait a ‘key cutting’ service at both of our two locations!
Salisbury & Port Elliot Mitre 10 cuts most house keys, padlock keys, garage keys and more.
Our stores stock a huge range of accessories from padlocks to keyrings.

Our Mitre 10 Hardware stores not only offer a quick, fun and easy way to shop but also a fast key cutting service. We can cut house keys, padlock keys, garage door keys and others. So rather than getting locked out and having to pay large locksmith fees, why not get yourself a spare key – at great prices, a key cut is hard to go past! You never know when you’re going to need it.

Key Cutting at Salisbury and Port Elliot Mitre 10 Stores

We offer our customers a same day key cutting service, so that when you need a few spares or a new set created, all you have to do is stop by one of our stores and just ‘ask us’! At our Mitre 10 stores, our key cutting service is fast and professional.

Home Keys

If you need a spare bunch of keys for your home, our quality duplication process won’t damage your original set – or lead to poor quality replicas that make your locks stick. Our key cutting machines ensures that you get perfect duplicates, every time you choose to make them.

Business Keys

When you hire new staff, or promote within the ranks – there is always a need for more keys for your business. Safe keys, door keys, cabinet keys – it just makes it easier to function as a business if the right people have access to the right places. Our key cutting service allows you to choose from a variety of quality blank keys to duplicate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]