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What is Blue Pine ‘termite protected’ plantation pine framing? 

Blue Pine Termite protected plantation pine framing has been treated with either a water-based or natural oil based solution containing long acting synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. These insecticides have been chosen for two reasons: 1. For their proven effectiveness in controlling and repelling termites for up to 25 years 2. For their inherent safety to humans, animals, and the environment.



Why does plantation pine framing need to be protected against termites?

Termites can attack a range of items in a houseblue pine timber adelaideincluding skirting boards. cupboards and furniture, even paper facings on plasterboard. Protecting all elements from attack is called “whole of house” protection. Australian building codes require that houses and other buildings be protected against ‘concealed termite entry’ by physical and/or chemical termite barriers. However, for a range of reasons, barriers can sometimes be broken and breached.

H2-F termite and borer protection for plantation pine timber frames is a relatively new technology which became commercially available in 2004. Where plantation pine timber frames have been treated with a termite protectant, structural integrity is guaranteed for 25 years, providing owners and occupants with peace of mind. While the guarantee is limited to 25 years, this does not necessarily mean the treatment becomes ineffective after this time.