LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative)

LOSPLOSP is a pre-primed timber product. It is not intended for use where the treated commodity comes into contact with the soil. LOSP-treated timber is produced in a dry state in its final form, and usually not cut or machined on the building site.

LOSP is H3 treated and the active ingredients prevent decay and insect attack are usually carried in a white spirit solvent system. This can result in the treated timber having a residual smell but it will dissipate relatively quickly, especially in our warm climate.



Key Benefits

  • LOSP is finger jointed for increased stability and can be used for all above groLOSP-2und applications such as pergolas, carports, verandahs and fascias.
  • Treated products are dry and stable.
  • Light and easy to handle makes it easy to work with, like untreated structural pine, and therefore saves time and money.
  • Does not affect size specification which gives you a stable product that provides a quality finish.
  • Non-corrosive to nails and fixing plates which means no special fasteners are required.
  • Conforms to Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard requirements, which reduces the risk of costly call-backs and ensures a quality product.
  • Safer for users, owners and the environment because the active element is biodegradable and does not bio-accumulate.


The following sizes are available:

66 x 30 66 x 42
90 x 30 90 x 42
138 x 30 138 x42
190 x 30 fascia (grooved) 190 x 30 Barge (un-grooved)
185 x 42 210 x 30
230 x 30 235 x 42
240 x 65 280 x 30
280 x 42 280 x 65