At Timco we design and manufacture fully engineered timber roof and floor solutions for any project need.

From the simplest house extension to the most complex structure. Our team has the experience and design flexibility to meet your requirements.

Once we have designed your roof and floor specifications, using the industry-leading Mitek technology, the trusses are then constructed from stress-graded timber and Gang-Nail connector plates, using computer accurate machinery.

Our experienced truss fabricators guarantee to produce top quality roof and floor trusses that meet all the applicable Australian standards.

Our pre-fabricated roof and floor trusses are ready to go, offer guaranteed strength and are quick and easy to install, saving you time and keeping labour costs down.





PosiStrut® Floor Strut System

At Timco we manufacture and stock the PosiStrut® Floor Strut System, designed by MiTek Industries.

The PosiStrut® range of products are parallel chord trusses using timber chords “on flat” and the unique PosiStrut® metal webs.

timber-floor-trussesPosiTruss – More and more architects are specifying MiTek PosiStruts because they deliver the ultimate in design versatility. PosiStruts are the ideal flooring and roofing solution – especially where height restrictions apply. They can even be curved to create a dynamic roof line effect. Easy access for services on-site also means the structural integrity of your design can’t be compromised; drilling through solid timber beams isn’t the ideal scenario! MiTek’s PosiStruts are the perfect engineered solution and can even be trimmed to length on-site.

As PosiTrusses are designed and manufactured to order for specific projects, they can incorporate internal beams and special support conditions.

PosiJoist and PosiPlus trusses incorporate special trimmable ends. They are designed specifically for use as floor joists in domestic type structures and are available in set lengths and depths and may be custom trimmed to size on site.