At Timco we are specialists in Radiata Pine and we literally have meters and metres of Pine in numerous sizes and lengths.

Radiata Pine is a plantation softwood timber grown widely throughout Australia. Radiata Pine is a versatile timber; it is widely used for the full range of structural and decorative applications including framing, lining, glue laminated beams, veneer and plywood. When appropriately treated, it can be used for many exposed structural and non-structural applications.


Radiata Pine plays a significant role in meeting the ever-increasing demand for sawn timber. As a well-managed plantation tree, it can provide a renewable resource providing dependable supply for generations to come.

The following sizes are available: 

38 x 38 42 x 35
70 x 35 70 x 45
90 x 35 90 x 45
90 x 70 120 x 35
120 x 45 140 x 35
140 x 45 150 x 25
190 x 35 190 x 45
240 x 45