The place we all call home. From the moment you open your door, what is the impression you want to create? Whether you’re building a brand new house or just renovating a few rooms. What style of timber flooring suits your family and your home?

Timber floors often brightens and opens up an area, where others make it more homey and cosy. Certain timber grains offer a classic look, while others integrate with the most contemporary designs. Whatever your style of taste or size of renovation, a hardwood floor can accommodate your needs.

There are many reasons why timber flooring continues to grow in popularity, for example dust, dust mites, fleas and mould are concerns where allergies are reasons to look at timber flooring. Research indicates a higher price for your property after installing a timber floor.

timber-flooring-adelaide-2It is important to remember that timber has certain qualities that mean you can experience colour variation with a chemical reaction caused by light, which means there will be some darkening over a period of time, more obvious in the first twelve months. It will only add depth and richness to the timber flooring.

In addition there are benefits to a solid timber hardwood floors. Hardwood timber floors are in demand, extremely resilient, long-lasting and will not go ‘out of style’ for years to come. And even after years of wear, a simple re-sand and re-coat can bring your hardwood floor back to new.